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Hey guys, new to the Optimum products.  Did my first wash with ONR and the BRS this past weekend.  Honestly I'm really surprised at how it turned out.  Being a true two bucket, pre wash, contact wash, etc. traditionalist I had my doubts.  My question is how should I store or care for the BRS?  Is it ok just sitting on the shelf in my shop, should I put it in a zip lock bag so it doesn't dry out? 

Thanks in advance,
Optimum Noob

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Best would be to have it sitting in the bucket with ONR (I do this) but maybe a zip lock bag would hold it moistured also?

Before the first use it would be good to have the BRS sitting in the ONR solution for a day or two and after that keep it sitting in (fresh enough) ONR solution.

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Welcome, BlackCamaro, Optimum does not have any specific recommendations for BRS care, other than cleaning with Power Clean periodically.  Some clean and let dry until the next use, some keep in a plastic bag.  I maintain in a covered plastic bowl with ONR solution. 

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I agree with No Soap's recommendation of storing in ONR as the BRS is ready for the next wash without any pre-planning.  I personally use a 5 L (just over a gallon) old ice cream bucket with lid to store my BRS in approx. 3/4  gallon of ONR solution (256:1).  When I do my next wash, I will dump the BRS with ONR into my wash bucket and add more ONR solution as needed.  After I finish my wash, I will wring our BRS and place in fresh ONR solution. This is to ensure to use old sitting ONR solution as there have been cases of micro organisms growing in ONR if stored for very long time  (best to keep covered in moderately cool environment out of direct sunlight).

After 10-20 car washes (depending how dirty vehicles were) I clean BRS with a few sprays of foam cleaner ( I currently use Griots microfiber and foam cleaner) in order to release the significant dirt trapped in the pores of the sponge.  Power Clean also works for this but I find a dedicated foam cleaner to more effective.  Just make sure to thoroughly rinse the BRS  of the cleaning solution before placing back in ONR bucket.

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