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I removed my tank emblems from my Harley for two reasons... 1.  I hated them and bought new ones... 2. It made it easier to perform the paint corrections. QUESTION - I applied Opti-Gloss over the entire tank after paint corrections were made and before attaching  the new emblems to the tank (they adhere to the tank with double back tape), will there be adhesion issues on Optigloss coat surfaces? Do I need to replilush the area where to emblems will go in order to ensure adhesion of the new emblems or will it be fine? 

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On 5/18/2019 at 3:01 PM, Ron@Optimum said:

there should be no problem attaching  new emblems to Gloss-Coat.

Hi Ron,

Now that I am applying Hyperseal over the Optimum Gloss Coat, my question about the emblems has retuned. 😳 Can I attach the emblems after applying Hyperseal? Or should I apply the emblems first?

Thank you! Hyperseal arrives tomorrow and the 7 day cure time on the Optimum Gloss Coat is Friday. 👍🏻




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