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Hi all....  I am Ryan, soon to be a Pro dealer in the northern Delaware area, looking forward to learning from and contributing to this forum. 

A little bit about me....  I LOVE cars and detailing, always have, long before I could drive.  Keeping my parents cars looking good, or at least I thought so.  But, being a kid, pre-internet days, not knowing much, I always ended up with tired arms, packing every crack, edge, and emblem, with whatever product my dad grabbed off the parts store shelf.   Wanting nothing but a new Dewalt rotary buffer for my birthday (still have!).  

Years pass, almost every job I have had has been car related.  Staring as a parts delivery driver moving to counter person during high school.  Doing custom car audio after school, eventually going to trade school for auto mechanics.  20+ Years working in the dealership world, can wear on a person.  The dealership environment and managers are not what it used to be.  I needed a change!

Moved onto a restoration shop (Porsche), it rejuvenated my love and passion for cars.  Quality work, attention to detail, and anything performance related, is much better then the dealership world.  Having been a long time weekend warrior with the detailing.  I would be tasked with wet sanding, cutting and buffing on fresh paint jobs.  Or paint correction on original pain/non respray cars.   Working on 6-7 figure cars was cool too!!!  But, the owner of the shop was..... Putting it nice.....  The biggest ass I have ever known!!!  I met some good co-workers and customers and was able to build a relationship with them,  testing the waters on opening my own shop. 

So.... a year and a half ago, I opened the doors to my own place.  Sharing the space with a long time Porsche expert, who restores, maintains, and shows some of the coolest racecars!!  I keep the cars looking good.  It also helps get my name out there, when we take the cars on the road to different, national shows.  Even winning some prestigious awards.

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