Clear Coat Restorer & Single Stage Paint

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I am working on a 1972 Buick, that has had an older respray of single stage paint.  Paint is faded, I have done a test spot on the trunk about 2 months ago, to see if it is worth a full correction.  Half the trunk done with the traditional correction process.  The other half with multiple applications of Meguiars #7.  Both sides looked great when done, but it has already started showing signs of fading.  This is a very good customer, (done coatings on his other cars) and I let him know his paint is dead, and anything I did would not last very long.  He would still like me to do something to make it look better.  Is CCR compatible with single stage paint?  Would it stop/slow the fading?  

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Now the big question.....  Is a full body application within the scope of the intended use of this product?  I know the biggest X factor is the installer.  But, is CCR a realistic option for this situation?  Could a paint gun be used for application, with better results?

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