Suggestion to advance technologies in Optimum Car wax?

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I love optimum car wax as I think it is the only product of its kind due to UV patent.


currently thought Turtle wax has come out with its Ice Seal and Shine which is their new standalone sealant product with mention that it is a cross between a ceramic coating and a spray wax. It’s been showing on YouTube to withstand heat and repel chemicals in ways I have not seen before. 

Was wondering if the Doc will be updating the spray wax to keep up with detailing trends?

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Dr G does not telegraph what he's working on, even to insiders.  Most Optimum products have a long gestation period and he's never in a rush.  Clear Coat Restorer (along with Gel Coat Restorer, and Tire Protection and Coating) have been floating around at some level of development for years - and frankly we're still getting our arms around those products (learning curve as Yvan calls it).  The Doc's mind works differently, I think, and he "sees" chemical combinations and solutions that other's don't.  In general I don't think he takes a product, Wax for instance, and decides to improve it.  Rather the way to improve arrives organically to him and he does it. 

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Optimum Opti-Seal is still a killer product! Highly recommended! I think the "ceramic" spray products are mostly marketing, at least if user tests are something to believe in. No single component makes a product a miracle and way too many of those "ceramic" ones are not any good.

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