Opti Glass High Spot??

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My infotainment screen had a ton of swirls from the previous owner.  I went to a detail shop who swears by optimum products and did a light polish to remove as many swirls as safely possible.  Afterwords the tech said he is going to apply some glass protect product, I am assuming it was Opti-glass as that is what they have applied to my SUV's glass all over and I saw these high spots all around the edges of the screen.  I posted a picture of what I see in some decent lighting and have put a red marking around the area.  

I'm not sure if it is indeed a high spot, or if something else has happened during the polishing of the screen.  What I have marked in the attached image is all around the edges of the screen and does not go over the LED screen portion itself.

Test 1.jpg

Test 2.jpg

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I have no idea how to respond - we don't know what they used to polish, we don't know what "glass" product was use to coat, and we don't know what the infotainment screen material was.  You need to talk to the detailer.

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