Opti-Seal, Wax, and Detailer Question


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I recently started using Opti-Seal which I absolutely love all around, but especially as a drying aid. I'm also extremely interested in Optimum Car Wax and Instant Detailer. I saw in the site that Instant Detailer works great with Opti-Seal if you wait 30 minutes after applying Opti-Seal. I know that they all work well as a drying aid, but I was wondering with Optimum Car Wax fits into the equation of all three? If I continue to use Opti-Seal as a drying aid, would I wait 30 minutes before applying Optimum Car Wax? Then would I wait an additional 30 minutes to apply the Instant Detailer, or that complete overkill? 

Also I really like using Opti-Seal on the interior, as I've seen videos for this. But I couldn't find any information on longevity when being used on  the interior. I know a lot depends on how you maintain a vehicle, but I didn't know if there was a rough estimate on how long it lasts as an interior treatment? 

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honestly I've  never applied Instant Derailer over Wax  over Seal...does seem over kill to me.  I suspect the time between application is the same, though I have seen recommendations suggesting a longer wait between Wax and Seal. 

I've never seen longevity tests on Opti-Seal on interior surfaces and not sure how you'd even know.  I use it on the vinyl interior of a garage queen and figure it lasts several months.

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I would follow instructions on the bottle for Opti seal + instant detailer. Wait 30 minutes.


ive been told and am understanding that optimum car wax can be put on top of Opti seal or even before Opti seal immediately, no wait time. 

How instant detailer falls in this, I would probably wait till next wash or at least 24 hrs to do Instant detailer 

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