Onr dilution rate with ro water


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Apologies if this is a common question 

i live in UK soft water area but I also have my own ro unit for aquatics , Been doing a weekly wash with ONR my routine is 15 litres of ro water  and I add 55 to 60 ml of onr , this gives me enough for a good prespray same mix and wash with big red sponge , 

so far in the 2 months since first using I am extremely impressed , don’t see any issues or sign of smearing , am I doing anything wrong using ro or my dilution 

thank you 




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Standard recommended wash solution dilution ratio is 256:1 which you are  effectively at (58.6 ml to 15 L to be precise).  Since you are using Reverse Osmosis water there should be no contaminants  and I would stick with this dilution ratio .  In my case, I live in a region with moderately hard water (260 ppm), so I will typically use a slightly higher dilution ratio (around 225:1) to compensate for the ONR attacking the minerals within the water.

For your pre-spray solution, you may want to consider a higher dilution ratio depending on how you use it (apply and rinse with clean water before using BRS) and level of dirt/contaminants on the vehicle.  In the past, I have used as high as 64:1 dilution ratio especially in winter when there is excessive salt build up on the panels.  But if the current 256:1 dilution ratio works for your conditions, I would stick with it.

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