ONR polymers do you need to remove them before a sealant is used?

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i have read different things, Some people say you don’t have to other to use alcohol.

I used one of the current popular sealant but did not notice great beading 

i used iron remover then washed the car with soap , rinse, then re rinse with ONR 1/64 ratio to prevent water spots, ONR with clay bar dried the paint and then applied sealant but the beading don’t look great.

The sealant is a different brand no polymers.


thank you.

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Optimum doesn't test compability with other products but what we weekend-warriors have found out is that ONR doesn't affect the bonding of other brand sealants or waxes. I'm not saying there couldn't be issues but haven't heard or had issues. We treat ONR like a product that "doesn't leave anything behind" even if there technically could be some polymers left behind but if I've understood that right, the polymers haven't got the power to interfere.

Hmm, I usually always wash the car after claying with a claybar, if that is what you used (clay)? I'm worried that there could be some leftovers from the clay but as I have always washed afterwards, I can't tell.

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so it might have been the clay bar then?


i guess I messed up the wash process.

would this steps be better?

1-decon the paint with iron remover


3- wash with soap/ONR or just ONR 256/1

4- clay bar with ONR 64/1

5-wash with ONR 256/1


7-apply sealant 

would ONR on step 5 be just fine to remove any possible clay bar left over or would I need something stronger?


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You may want to consider a pre-wash or strip wash step to your process to ensure you have removed any previous wax/sealant.  Depending on type and age of previous wax/sealant, the iron remover and clay process may not be enough to remove some of these newer sealants which require a fairly heavy APC (non pH neutral) to remove.  If previous protectant is not fully removed, it can interfere with applying a different sealant.  Optimum Power Clean diluted at 1:3  applied to paint and agitated with ONR dampened microfiber towel as a pre-wash does an excellent job of removing most sealants. 

If you do this as your first step, then you can apply Ferrex (Optimum Iron Remover) and agitate with ONR dampened Ultimate Clay Towel (Optimum synthetic clay media) which combines iron removal and clay in single step.  Follow this up with rinse and standard wash process before applying sealant.

Note if the vehicle is heavily contaminated (been several years since last clay application) then it best to separate steps and use proper clay bar as synthetic clay media is most appropriate for light to moderate contamination.

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