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 Its been  two weeks since I Finished my gloss coat  looks great 

Just got some optimum instant detailer and just wondering how much to use is it the same as the wax . I  will onr the car then use the detailer as drying aid 


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I typically apply  one full spray OID per panel (4-6 sq. ft surface area)  but usually reserve for use on a dry car to boost gloss.  I find Hyper Seal is a better drying aid on a ceramic coated car than OID as it adds additional protection (SiO2 based spray sealant).  When using ONR to wash, you don't typically need a drying aid for the added lubrication.

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OID is not same as the car wax. OID is a light cleaner / gloss enhancer with very minimal protection. My experience with it very good as its a very easy to use product...Ive used it speringly and liberally and it always flashed off nicely and produced great results with no smears or any other signs. with every OPT products less is more.

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