Question about chemical decon order


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We don't recommend applying Power Clean over FerreX - the products have different purposes and should be rinsed off before another product is applied.   Also using either/both products every 2 weeks is overkill and might adversely effect your Coating.   Decontamination is usually a once a year operation.

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Further to the original question, my cars Opti-Coat Pro+ is 12 months old this month, and I am wanting to do a  chemical decontamination, as the car is parked outside 24/7. These are the products  I intend to use, ONR, Power Clean(3-1), MDR and Ferrex, Opti-Coat Maintenance shampoo, Opti-Coat Hyper Seal.

What I am not sure about is in which order should I use the MDR and Ferrex after I have used Power Clean?

Also, after each chemical treatment, is it just  a matter of rinsing the chemical off with a  power washer only OR should I also go over with ONR in between chemical treatments?

This picture was taken in January '20, during water restrictions where bucket washing was only allowed. Water restrictions have since been lifted to allow triggered   garden hose or power washer to be used.


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