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Opti-Coat Pro + applied to our 2018 Shadow Black Ford F-150. Two-day process was completed Friday afternoon, truck looks amazing! Saturday afternoon (24hrs later) was beautiful day for a drive up the canyon.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it home before dark and got spattered with bugs. Detailer told me not to wash it for 7 days, but I certainly don’t want bugs left for 7 days. I’m rather concerned on how I should carefully remove the darn things as quick as possible, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Looking forward to browsing the forum for great tips and tricks keeping our truck looking immaculate for years to come.  

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welcome to all things Optimum!  While we don't recommend using anything with solvents (soap) for 7 days, you can try No Rinse on the bugs.  Let the mixture dwell for some time and rub as lightly as possible.  Another option is Optimum Instant Detailer - same deal, spray, let dwell, then wipe gently.  The good news is the bug guts should not etch your paint due to Opti-Coat Pro+.

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