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I purchased a bottle of Optimum's Hyper Polish several weeks ago, and just had the opportunity to try it out the other week. Unfortunately I'm having issues with the spray bottle, the nozzle in particular. No matter how I adjust the nozzle the product always dispenses as a stream rather than a spray mist. I've watched several videos online about how to use Hyper Polish and realize that one of the selling points of this polish being a spray is it's distribution across the entire pad in a mist form. 

Sadly my experience so far with it has been anything but positive given the spray bottle, the stream comes out quite intensely and gets all over the place, not only that, but the polish actually ended up staining one of my white pads, I guess because of the sheer amount that is dispersed with each spray. I haven't had any issues with any other spray bottles of Optimum products. I have Opti-Clean, Instant Detailer, and the Spray Wax. I realize that the polish requires a chemical resistant sprayer, I'm just wondering if I received the correct sprayer with my bottle. I'm attaching an image of the sprayer that I received with my bottle. 


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that is the correct spray head.  Hyper Polish (and Hyper Compound) are thick products and requires special sprayers (probably why there are no other comparable spray products).  First, make sure the product is well mixed, it can congeal into lumps in the bottle).  Second, take the spray head off, soak in Power Clean or dish detergent, and rinse thoroughly to make sure there's no blockage.

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I always got that black Car wax sprayer when I bought polishes and they mostly do the same...spray in a stream and clog up after some time...especially on the Compound not so much for the Hyper polish.

I tried switching them but ultimately ended in destroying like 3-4 sprayer heads before i gave up and now I just pour it onto the pad in pea sized dropes.

BTW there is way too much un-necessery color in these polishes...they really do stain pads (Im talking about Hyper polish & Intensive polish).

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Just thought I would provide a quick update. I did end up taking the spray head off and dipped it into a bottle full of warm water and tried spraying it that way. It took some time but after a while the sprayer worked as it intended and provided a very fine mist. Satisfied I decided to place the spray head back on the polish bottle and give it a try with the polish. Before trying it again I shook up the product as directed. Sadly after just three sprays it was back to shooting just a stream again rather than a mist. 

I like the idea in theory, but if the sprayer head is going to clog that fast and require constant cleaning it's not very practical. Plus there is unnecessary product waste every time I would need to flush out the spray head. I'm guessing I'm going to have to go the route of placing pea size drops on the pad itself, which I suppose may lead to using more product than necessary. 

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