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In short yes, you have to be an authorized Opti-Coat installer which to my understanding requires you to attend an Optimum training session and carry minimum amount of liability insurance for the business (maybe another expert can confirm as the requirements can vary by region).    Most Opti-Coat products (other than the relatively new maintenance line) carry a registered warranty covered by third party insurance .  For the warranty to be valid, has to be done by authorized installer who knows what they are doing.

Currently Optimum does not have consumer equivalent interior coatings but for the glass they have Opti Glass Coating which is rated to last 2 years on the windshield but in theory will probably last up to 5 years (equivalent of pro version ) if you regularly top it monthly with Optimum Glass Clean and Protect.

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Yes, you need to be an approved professional  installer to buy the Pro products, which requires an EIN (federal tax number), liability insurance, actual detailing experience, and purchase requirements.  Most Optimum Pro products have a retail alternative that are not warrantied, as durable, etc.  Opti-Glass is a reasonable alternative to Glass Pro that you can buy and is easy to apply.

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