Just got my car coated

bobby c

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Congrats on new coating.  Stick with ONR washes or if you must go to automated car wash, only go to touchless car wash to avoid potential marring.  When doing your own ONR wash make sure you use a high quality microfiber towel for drying (min. 20% polyamide but ideally 30% polyamide) to minimize chance of marring.  Doing ONR wash over winter with heavy salt accumulation, it is best to pre-treat panel with ONR solution sprayed  on with pump sprayer and rinse off before proceeding with standard ONR wash .  Annually (or spring of each year), you may want to perform a decon wash similar to process described in video.  For my vehicle, I haven't done the MDR step but will typically do Power Clean (5:1 dilution ratio) and Ferrex agitated with ONR soaked Ultimate Clay Towel every spring.


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