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I just had both my wife's  car and my truck coated with Paint Guard. Her car is white and looks really good. My truck is blue and has smeared looking places that the installer said were high spots. Some of these are really noticeable and others only under certain lighting and angles. I'm seeing spots on both sides of the bed, the tailgate, driver's side fender and both driver's side doors. The installer says that he will make it good, but I'm curious as to what steps he should take to correct this issue. Might someone please explain what he will need to do to correct these blemishes? 

Thanks in advance!

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Coating high spots occur when too much coating is applied and the installer did not get back over in time to spread/remove the overage.  Surface cure time varies depending on conditions like humidity and heat, so sometimes the installer isn't able level the coating before it surface cures.  Correction can include applying another coat to even it up or polishing high spots and reapplying Paint Guard to that area.   You are doing the right thing in letting the installer fix the issue. 

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