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Really trying to approach car washing with a minimalist approach

I'm cleaning a daily driver so if I can put in 20% of the work and get 80% of the results, I can live with it

From watching videos online, I know that ONR doesn't require a drying aid. Are the polymers in ONR protective? Can I solely rely on those polymers to protect the paint especially if I'm going to be washing the car weekly with ONR?

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9 hours ago, A&J said:

Basically yes...ONR is a polymer that does build up over time but maybe you want to get the Wash & wax (green bottle) which adds more protection. 

Another alternative is to wash with ONR blue and dry with Opti-seal. I know its another product to buy but its so worth it!


what seems to be more popular? In looking on YouTube it seems like blue ONR and Opti seal as a drying aid is more commonly used 

but I would think the green onrww is more efficient?

does anyone use onrww AND Opti seal as a drying aid?

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have used the ONRWW with Opti-Seal as drying aid for years...until we introduced Hyper Seal and that's now my "go to" sealant.  I have a Opti-Coat Pro car so it makes sense to use Hyper Seal, but also use it on 2 uncoated cars as well.  Blue ONR is the original and more popular product (habit?), but many enthusiasts like playing with waxes/sealants and so use the straight product. 

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I’m with Ron on this thing but what makes Opti-Seal great is how it works as a drying aid. Not all sealants works nearly as good and it seems to get the water to attach to the microfibre towel much better. Don’t overthink it! ONR with wax + Opti-Seal will give you a bit of that carnauba glow but which look do you really like? Many people like the plain sealant look (more mirror-like) but it is up to you.

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Ive used both ONR W&S and ONR  W&W with opti seal and both were good. Opti seal is used as a drying aid so it really doesnt take all that much time to use it. But if you spend another 5min after you washed and dried the car and you apply opti seal with a applicator you will just stand back and be amazed at how mirror like your paint will end up looking!

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