Cleaning a foam pad of Gloss Coat


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I'm using the foam pad to install gloss coat. After I'm done, what should be done, if anything, to "clean" the applicator pad?  If I am going to use it again in say, several weeks or months, for applying GC to my other car (or reapply to same car), does the GC in the pad "dry" and make streaks or scratches?

Sorry if covered else where, too many basic keywords to search for.

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I don't know if there's a good way to clean it...that's why I usually use some blue Scott shop towel wrapped around something (got this tip from Anthony Orosco, I believe he put the yellow foam applicator in a nitrile glove, then wrapped a piece of the towel around it).  This is basically the same idea as the microfiber suede wrapped around the foam that some other coating companies use.

I currently have some coating applicators coming from China that I bought on 50 cents each--cheap enough to throw out.   You can also get the yellow foam applicators cheap that way.  Or there are plenty of options in the Optimum store.

The problem with washing out a foam applicator is water probably isn't going to wash out the Gloss-Coat, and if you use something else you have to be very sure you wash out any residues so as not to contaminate the coating next time...and you know how hard it is to get residues out of foam.  I would wash it with hot running water, squeezing it out a lot of times and repeating (this is what I usually do with Opti-Seal).  Put it aside to dry and if it feels soft and ok after it dries, use it again, if it feels crusty you're not going to want to use it again.

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