Can I Use Poliseal Once a Month?

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I have a black car with soft paint and I notice that after a couple of months, the paint does not look as perfect as when I first polished it. No matter how careful I am with washing, I would notice some micromarring. This might also be caused by QDing between washes. I also notice that because of the soft paint, Poliseal removes whatever marring is on the paint. I really don't have to use a more aggressive or abrasive polish.


My question is: Can I safely use Poliseal every 2 months without removing much clearcoat? I use a Flex and LC pads. My goal is to have the car looking freshly polished but not removing much clearcoat.


I love the look of Poliseal on my black car and having tried a lot of polishes and all in one products, I like the look of Poliseal the best.


Thank you.

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Polishing pad or finishing pad should be fine. You may like the new product that's in the works too, but it's top secret...


Do tell can't leave us like that now integrity out with it :tongue4[1]:


Some kind of Finishing Polish hmmmm

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