Repeat use of Powerclean over time

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I drive a lot on the highway at night commuting home from work. As a result I get a lot of bugs. 

I find that Opticlean and ONR alone often aren’t enough to completely get rid of the bugs with a weekly wash. I keep the front of the car well coated with sealant and wax (often optimum car wax) as I use it with every wash as a drying aid. 

Will using Powerclean (3:1) on a weekly basis degrade the plastic trim, headlight plastic, and clear coat over time (years)? 

I find that it works great to remove all the bugs and residue if I spray the front end down. It removes some sealant too but that’s no problem. The bugs come off with a single wipe of the sponge. I just don’t want to ruin the plastics on the car. 

To wash the front end I’ve been spraying with Powerclean, then using a pump sprayer give the front a bit of a spray down with ONR, then use sponge with ONR (pretty wet) to wipe the front. Then spray with wax and dry. 


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Power Clean should not degrade plastic/clear coat, particularly if you dilute 1:3 (Optimum's recommendation), and rinse well after use.  Power Clean will remove wax/sealants.

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