Speed Yellow Turbo Concours Prep

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There is a local PCA show here next weekend and a few of my clients will be entering their Pcars, both in concours and display, and this beautiful Turbo Speed Yellow will be one in the concours. It really only needed a good washing and I'm guessing that it would of been the one to beat as the owners keeps it spotless but being the anal perfectionist he is he wanted the paint gone over, wheels removed (even though they don't judge that area) and we also opted to remove and replace the paint protection film on the rear quarter panels.


I was in charge of the wheel wells, interior and also some of the last step paint prep.


Ron tackled the polishing work with rotary and dynabrade.


We used Victoria's Concours as our LSP and we'll visit the car once more for a 2nd coat a day or 2 before the show. These are not the complete series of pictures as we will be taking more but for now here are a few.




This is the condition of the wheel wells before. Not too bad eh?
















I used Optimum's PowerClean to loosen up the light dirt film then used my steam vapor cleaner to melt away the grime. Klasse AIO was used on the painted areas and Protectant+ to dress the areas out.
















Now we don't have any pictures yet of the fully finished Porsche but we have a few "mid" job pictures and here are 2 of them. This stage is the last rotary step and just before the dynabrade step. I hand applied Victoria's cleansing lotion while Ron followed with a hand application of Victoria's Concours.

















We'll have plenty more pictures coming up as I have 2 more cars this week to prep.



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Steven, I am very sorry for not replying sooner to your request. Haven't had much time lately for keeping up on the forums, my bad.


As for some updated pictures, yep I have a few and here they are.



























Thanks for your interest in more "Afters".....I pretty much forgot about this thread :tongue4[1]:



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