Opticoat Pro (installed 11/6/21) and swirls all over

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I just had Opticoat Pro installed on my less than 1 month old 2022 Kona. I had a gloss black vinyl roof installed a week prior to the coating. The coating originally was going to be installed the day after but the installer had to reschedule.  

I have swirls all over my car now, including on my black vinyl. There were no swirls on the vinyl prior to installation. The dealer claimed my car was safe to be outside hours after the coat was installed. By the time it was returned to me the temp was under 50°F and already had condensation on it. The installer claimed swirls are a normal part of the initial 7 day curing process and will go away after the 7 day wash. My car guru friend does not think this is the case and believes it was a incorrect application.  And/or possibly the installer skipped the polish paint correction step before coating the car. 

So question is.... is the claim the swirls are normal during the first few days normal? If not, is it likely poor application? And can that be fixed on my vinyl roof without ruining it?



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