Help with Opti-Bond gun!

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Hey all,

I've recently gotten the Opti-Bond Spray Gun and I've been loving it. It took me some practice to get used to it, and I'm still learning. The finish it gives on tires and trim is beautiful, but I could definitely use some tips from the pros!

I would like to hear where and how others are using the gun in their detailing process. Namely on exterior plastics, how do you get an even finish and remove/prevent overspray on paint/glas? Do you wipe the plastics down afterwards, and if so, how quickly?  Often times, when I wipe it down afterwards with an MF towel, I take off patches of the dressing. What should I be looking for when tuning the nozzle?

Air pressure is set to 4 Bar (60 psi) and Opti-Bond @1:1. On plastics I use Protectant plus. Preparation: Plastics and tires are cleaned with Power Clean 1:3, pressure rinsed, plastics are washed with ONR and then left to dry.

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