Black 1996 993 Turbo

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In need of heavy paint correction I started on this exterior Wednesday in the early morning. After a No Rinse wash I discovered that some areas have been repainted so I knew this meant the paint would not be your normal soft Porsche paint. Much to my surprise though most of the correction was accomplished using an LC wool with Optimum Polish.


Some tougher areas needed a 50/50 mixture of Hi-Temp Extreme and Optimum Compound and a wool LC pad.


Here is the paint condition prior to the No-Rinse washing.


















I don't have a picture of it but even the clear bra had buffer swirls in it. Someone really worked this paint over in all the wrong ways.


After the wool pad correction step I then used a combo of a green medium polishing/cutting pad and a white LC polishing pad with Optimum Polish. Those 2 steps plus all the taping ended my first day pretty much. The next day Ron joined me and together we went about going over the paint with a black finishing pad and OP and then a white finishing pad and FPII.


















We took it out into the sun and I was not pleased at all with how the finish was as we had some streaking issues plus some deep random scratches, so back into the shop it went for another round of polish work. I tried getting out the deeper stuff with Meguairs 105 and a wool pad but even that did very little for them so I gave up that pursuit and went about a Cyclo step and then hand rubbing the paint with Victoria's Cleansing Lotion. Ron then applied Opti-Seal to the paint and the interior was given a wipe down and vacuum.


While Ron applied the Opti-Seal I took a rotary to the wheels using an LC white pad with OP. The blades of the wheels were scratched up but that step really cleaned them up well.


The results were great.....even if we still had a few random scratches here and there, which I tried to capture in the AFTER shots but the skies were overcast and even though I kept the car outside for about 20 minutes the sun just wouldn't shine in all its glory.


Here is one BEFORE picture of the rear quarter panel.











Now here is an AFTER shot of the same area but at a different angle, which stinks because I wanted to try and get the same shot.












OK, here's the rest of them.

















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Hey thanks guys!


I have a few more pictures from the show to post up very soon.



Hey Anthony,


talk to me about the specific areas that you tape, and why. Perhaps we should have a write up for amatuers? I found that I wasted a bit of time, due to product in seams etc.

What brand, or type of tape do you use? stuff like that. This step REALLY must save time and rubber areas etc. so let us know please.



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