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Hello Fellow Optimumians!


I hope this isn't spamming......


I have entered a contest for $5,000 and a spot to co-host a sports radio program here in Los Angeles.


You can help by voting for me and please pass on to anyone with a valid email address. One vote per valid email address.


Here is the link:


I am FOX#12 Click on, then select my name and enter valid email address. Click vote. Then check you email and confirm vote. This rounds voting is only for two days.


Thanks for your consideration.


There are many rounds like that of the NCAA Tournament. I could use all the support I can get as this has always been a dream of mine to one day be on the radio as I have listened to it my entire life.


in fact, I still have a transistor radio I use daily for AM sports talk shows I listen to as I detail.





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Paul I voted for you twice [2 e-mail addresses] and they are sending me a e-mail thank you.

Vote often when you can :tongue4[1]:


I hope you get your dream!



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Ron and Al., thank you for voting for me. 2x's is double the pleasure!.....I kind of remember the Double Mint gum commercial similar to that.....


I hope you liked the take. Basically, many of the references and flava of the take is similar to the Loose Canons radio broadcast. I am a huge fan of sports radio all the way back to grade school when I would listen to the Red Sox all summer long. I would have this GE radio that would get Pete Franklin on WWWE out of cleveland, I would be able to pick up Toronto and Montreal, also, Philly, Florida and New York City(the FAN) radio station all at night all from Rhode Island. The AM radio waves emit outwards and expand especially at night whereas FM signals must be on a high tower so they fall down hence they do not travel as far. I was the asst GM for WRIU, Rhode Island's largest Public Radio Station while in college. Lots of work and lots of fun.

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Thank you Steve.


All the votes count. The popular vote is only 50% of the vote as the radio sportscasters are the other 50%. In this way a popularity contest isn't a guarantee win.

The rules want quality over just getting the "My Space" generation to have hundreds vote.


Round three would be cool!

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