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OK, nice pictures and all, great reflection shot......if you're into socks.


I'm more concerned though about the plastic garbage bag in the picture :cool2[1]: Is that the remains of Jimmy Hoffa perhaps? :o







Plastic bag contains those leaves, among other things that were removed from a behemoth Infinity QX56











You know, funny you should mention it. They found Hoffa today, who after hiding out in Pakistan working in a sock factory, moved back home. He was disguised as an orderly in a Chicago hospital maternity ward. What tipped the authorities off is that he was trying to organize labor.

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By the way, nice turn around on the Q :lshic[1]:




Thank you. Took me 2 days - lots of paint chips. It has 40,000 on the odo and the owner said it looks better than the day he took delivery. Always like a compliment.


After claying, used OHC on some areas, but mostly OP with orange and white LC pads. Topped it off with 2 coats of Ultima Paint Guard Plus. I have some UPGP left from the sample kit I got to do a comparison of UPGP and OS. Opti-Bond on the tires and wells. Give me a normal sized vehicle any day, however. I've got to admit it wasn't much fun doing the top of this Q . The thing barely fit in my garage.


Say, do you have a secret method for removing black shoe marks etc., from light colored plastic and leather? :cool2[1]:

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