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What's up everyone? New user.

I tried searching for disposal information and there seemed to be very little. I understand that the proprietary nature of the product doesn't allow for too much detail but I wanted to be sure that although the product is significantly diluted there is not still some harmful effects (i.e. a passing dog drinking my bucket water or the soaking into the grass a child might play in). I know it's a little pedantic but I would like to be entirely conscious of the chemicals I am using. 

Also, since the product is soy based, does that mean its vegan?😂


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I assume you refer to No Rinse? All Optimum products are environmentally friendly, but there are some, like ceramic coatings that require handling care. While drinking No Rinse is not recommended, it is not dangerous to man or beast.  You can handle it concentrated or diluted safely and I empty my wash bucket in my flower garden with no issues (actually good for plants).  As no Optimum products contain any animal components they are technically "vegan".

Welcome to the Optimum Forum!

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Sorry, yes, I meant No Rinse. 

And thank you for the prompt response. 
Recently decided to promote my services and I would like to be able to say “the manufacturer states that x” or something of that nature as opposed to “the forums said x”


Thank you again. 

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