Application Of Paint Protection Products.


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The entire time I've used Optimum It's been a different experience. Back in the day I'd apply a coat of Meguiar's M26 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax, let it dry, and remove the residue. 


With the ease of use afforded by the Optimum line it's been a different story  


One thing I ran into was inconsistent performance from Car Wax, Opti-Seal, amd Gloss Cost. 


What I've learned is that my application was too sloppy. I took for granted the ease of use aspect and abused it. 


Last week I was asked to do a wash on a vehicle we ppf'd the front end of in our shop. After the wash I started applying Car Wax. After application I'd feel the entire panel, and I found thay some areas weren't as slick as others. This prompted me to adopt a more methodical approach of application. 


Now I make sure to spray enough wax on the surface and make sure to spread the wax evenly end to end, side to side and up / down. Then I wipe off the excess. I'm left with very slick paint with a lot water repulsion. 


I e countered the same with Opti-Seal and Gloss Coat.  Making sure an even, thin film of product is on the paint ensures complete coverage, and enough material on the surface to do the job.


Honestly this just make these products that much more fun to use. I do however wish I had k own that earlier. Spray & wipe is easy, but there is a technique to it. Wipe on walk away is super easy, but there again, proper technique delivers better results. Of course with Gloss Coat yiu want to be diligent in not letting  the stuff leave any high spots, because yes, even with Gloss Coat there are risks. 

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