427, 2 old Porsches & Red 3

Ron Harris

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Some of the recent work to pass through my hands


The 04 BMW is a regular customers car. He just purchased it after totaling his black 06 G35.

He almost killed him self.

This car had the dealer installed swirls with lots of shiny stuff all over the interior.



Wash Optimum Car wash soap.

OP with black lambs wool 1500 rpm

OP with a white LC pad 1500 rpm

OP 100 ppi finishing pad 1300 rpmtony_b_hood.jpg

Optimum Sealant

Poli-Seal by hand

New Optimum Tire Gel for tires.

Vapor steam the glaze from interior. Sorry no pics of this.

Polishing time 4 hours.

I also removed the side mouldings to polish with out burning them.



1985 carrera.

Customer is the original owner.

Nothing to tough here.

Wash Optimum Car wash soap

Cyclo with orange pads and OP

Poli-Seal by hand.

Steam all rubber and dress with Optimum Protectant. Spray and let dry then wipe.

Easy interior steam job.




These two cars have been posted here and on Autopia. Anthony and I worked on them.


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