My Son, the artist I never could be

Anthony Orosco

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My son (and also daughter) have a gift for art that I could only dream of. My son started drawing stick men doing battle when he was very small. He would watch me play my computer war games and then go and draw what he saw...almost like a photographic memory.


Well pretty soon those stick men, simple tanks and battle scenes started to take on shape, shadows and a much greater depth of detail. He would then write stories about his characters which one teacher gave him great praise for his creativity but also scolded him because he would drown out her lessons. He has a difficult time with the academic aspect of school and now at 19 and graduated he is looking to get a job in some form of art, most likely computer graphics.


Well here are a few of his drawings. He does mainly pencil while my daughter is more open to watercolors, colored pencil and oil.

























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Looks great Anthony. Just make sure you support him and keep him doing it. I used to draw a lot when I was little and was very good at it (when your taught to draw by someone who was in prison, you tend to pick it up and do good haha) but now I am no good. I can air brush and paint but only basic things like flames, lettering, etc, not very graphic things like murals of people. Shadowing is what messes me up and is something I need to learn and get back into.

Tell him to keep it up and dont give up on it or he will regret it when older. He can do so much with art it's not even funny, I dont care what they tell you in high school, you dont need a high paying job behind a desk doing math or working for a huge corp. If your good at what you do, you make enough money to live off of it and you like it then go for it and stick with it.

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