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Hello all,


Here are a few recent details we have done at our new shop location. Things have been very busy for us and we are very thankful for that immense blessing. My clients have been very supportive of our new shop and have come out to support us in large numbers.


Up first is an Audi RS6. This car is one of my favorites. It sounds incredible, its very responsive, very fast and drives like a of all it looks like a sleeper car until you get into the throttle :kicking[1]: I took it for a little spin at around 110!


One thing I and Ron have noticed about our shop is that we have great lighting....natural lighting in our shop now and I can see things so much better than in many of the parking areas I had been doing cars in. So I decided to go through this RS6 from head to toe.


It had some minor halo-scratches in the rock hard Audi clear and those were tackled with a white Lake Country polishing pad and 3M's EC and my Flex rotary. Some areas were hit with an LC wool pad also and then back down to the LC white pad.


From the white pad I went down to an Optimum blue pad and Optimum Polish (new version) and my Flex rotary.


I then rinsed out the blue pad, attached it to my Flex orbital and went over the paint with Ultrafina. I choose Opti-Seal as my protection.


I then removed all four wheels and cleaned the wheels wells as best I could. They were pretty nasty. I next moved on to the engine and cleaned that with my steamer. I dressed it with Optimum Protectant Plus and polished the carbon fiber.


It was given its second No Rinse washing and minor things finished like glass, tires dressed and trunk cleaned. While I was doing the exterior Ron tackled the interior with his steamer, Optimum Powerclean and Protectant Plus.


OK, on to some pictures.




Here are the wheels wells Before & After







































Here is the engine after being cleaned and dressed. Some of the metal parts were also polished. I don't have a before picture of the engine because it was really only dusty and dull.
















Same case with the exterior. I have no before pictures because the marring just wouldn't show up in pictures very well so here are a few after shots.














More to come.........

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Audi continued....















Late yesterday I picked up this 2003 Porsche TurboS to give it a full detail/paint correction. Last week Ron and I detailed his silver Turbo and he wanted this one done also. The paint wasn't in horrible shape, minor marring and some dingy leather.


Paint correction began with rotary and an LC white pad and 105. Then a blue pad and rotary with a mixture of Ultrafina and Optimum Polish. Last step was with a 100 ppi pad and Ultrafina. Victoria's paste wax was then applied with a gold 100 ppi pad and the dynabrade.



Just a couple of before pictures.














Here is Ron using the Metabo, finishing pad and Ultrafina.








Now for some sun pictures of this incredible machine.





























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I can honestly tell you that when that car left the was a whole different color than when it came in. Anthony and Ron did a BANG UP job on that one. I have never seen such a vibrant red in my life.




Thanks Chris and Dave.....I appreciate the kind words in regards to our work.



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