Opti-coat or Opti-Lens for plastic trim?


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I am new to Optimum products, but am looking forward to using them. I want to treat the paint and trim of my new vehicle. I'll be using Opti-coat 2.0 on the painted metal surfaces. I am confused about whether to use Opti-Coat or Opti-Lens for the plastic trim.


1. I have various different colors or plastic (chrome, black, paint-match). I was planning on just covering everything with OC. I read something about OL being better suited for the thermal expansion qualities of plastic - is that so? I wonder if I should cover the metal parts with OC and the plastic parts with OL?


2. Which will hav e less effect on the color of the underlying trim? Will both have the same finished sheen (or lack thereof)?


3. Which should I use on my black metal windshield washer arms?


4. Will either be harmful to black rubber seals around various panels (i.e. where the roof rack meets the roof, etc)? Is either preferred for specifically treating those areas?


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