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Hey Bullet,


First try something really mild and.......all natural! This is going to sound really odd but pop open a Coke, pour some in a glass and add a lemon wedge....wash the bumper to remove any dirt and they rub the lemon wedge on the rust spots.....add some corn starch if needed as a fine abrasive. Wipe dry and repeat if needed. If this works then pour another glass of Coke, and another lemon wedge but this time add some rum, sit back and admire your clean bumper :beerchug[1]:


If the rust spots are a bit too tough for this then get some #0000 steel wool, mix up a corn starch paste with water and dip the steel wool in the mix and polish the rust areas. Bar Keepers friend also works nicely. Last resort could be a metal/chrome polish.


After each step though have a rum and coke, after a few you won't care what your bumper looks like :tongue4[1]:



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I'm with you Anthony a nice TALL rum and coke is perfect after a full day of detailing. I would say during a long day but I don't think the customers would like that. :tongue4[1]: < Thats me :) <thats my customer. Although when my customer handed me the check and a tip she told me to buy myself a cold beer cause I worked hard today. :beerchug[1]:

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