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Red Wine Removal

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Today we got a Suburban in that had a whole bottle of red wine spilled in the back area. What was going on in the back seat with red wine is not known......but it must of been one heck of a party :D


Anyway here is the before picture.









After testing some areas we found what worked best. An extractor, steam vapor cleaner and a red dye remover. If the spill is fresh then you can extract a good deal of the spill but rarely do people have an extractor handy when a spill like this happens. I recommend against using carpet cleaners on spills such as this because they can actually "set" the stains in.


We sprayed the area down with StainBlaster, allowed to dwell and then placed a white terry towel over an area and hit it with our steamer. Our goal was to almost boil the area which transfers the red dye to the towel. An iron with steam feature can also be used but I prefer the steamer.


We then extracted the areas steamed with cool clean water. Our results were about a 97% removal. A light "tinge" was unable to be removed and could only be seen under bright light such as the camera flash.








Overall we were happy with the results as was the client. Something like this should be in your arsenal of talents offered to your clients.



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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Wow, what a turn-around. Heck of a job Anthony! Thanks for posting!

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