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My entire vehicle is opticoated except the wheels. My summer project is stripping off the old coating (Protectaclear) from my wheels over the next 4 weeks so that I can apply OC 2.0. Today I did the first wheel. I had to use acetone and a MF towel. Basically I had to chemically strip the old coating. Once I got it off, I did an IPA wipedown and then followed up with an ONR wipedown to make sure I didn't leave any residue behind. I then successfully applied OC 2.0.


Well, this evening I was putting my supplies away and realized that I grabbed the wrong spray bottle. Instead of the ONR wipedown, I used Meg's D115 (waterless wash and wax). They are the same In color. Now I'm unsure if the OC 2.0 application is going to fail or not since D115 leaves a wax behind.


Chris, do I need to polish OC off and re apply? Or should I give it a week and see if the coating is still intact?


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Thanks Chris. I actually tackled this earlier today. I cleaned the entire wheel, then wiped with acetone, followed by IPA and finished with ONR. Then I applied OC 2.0. Couldn't really tell if OC was still on there before the chemical wipes.

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