Truck Wraps - Care & Maintenance


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Wow, I did learn wraps are really delicate in what they will tolerate before failure.


This article contains a background, some of my researched material, specific questions asked of 3M™ and finishing up with the results.




I started this project one month ago after a client requested eco-friendly products for the proper care & maintenance of her 37 company truck wraps. She requested easy to use products and instructions to supply care & maintenance kits for each truck. Each truck wraps costs upwards of $3,000.




Here is what I found to clean and maintain graphics from installer sites, phone calls and requested literature:


- Installers tell us what not to use on the graphics

- Zero to nothing meaningful on care and maintenance

- Hand washing is preferred

- All you need to do is take into consideration that it is not a paint job and needs a little more TLC

- Use a mild liquid detergent and water solution

- Wash the graphic with a soft brush, rag or sponge


Everybody was so good at not being specific on what to use.


This 3M™ bulletin Click here to download the entire bulletin from 3M (PDF format.) cleans up many misconceptions and incorrect information that I collected during my research and I strongly recommend following their instructions.


After reading the bulletin and understanding what can not be used on graphics my basic question still remained on what could be used to wash the graphic?




Contacting Anthony at 3M Graphics Market Center, explaining my dilemma of what product to use to clean graphics?


Informing him of these facts for his background:


- I have a client who needs 37 truck wraps maintained

- I sell these two Optimum products

- Would they work without harming the graphics


Anthony was kind enough hear me out and pulled up my website during the call. I was requesting him to check out Optimum NO Rinse wash & shine [ONR] and Optimum Car Wax [OCW] inquiring if these products would work.


He informed me of their group meeting in two days and he would bring my requests to this meeting as agenda discussion topics. Wow, were on the agenda.


He said he will sponsor my requests and be my contact. He forwarded the MSDS and product descriptions for ONR and OCW to his group in preparation for their meeting.


Two days later he calls me back after the meeting and sends me this email with the results from the meeting.


Anthony’s email:


“Thank you for contacting 3M Graphics Market Center. We appreciate your

interest in our products.


In regards to the use of polymer based wax and sealers on 3M™ vehicle wrap



The use of polymer based wax and sealers on 3M™ vehicle wrap films is not

expected to adversely affect the film as long as the polymers do not

contain any caustic materials which can penetrate the films and cause

damage over time.”




This was good news for me!


Contacted David at OPT and we discussed.


Now I have GREAT news! :) There are no caustic materials involved with ONR and OCW.


I can take care of the 37 wraps and I will use this 3M™ information to assist me in marketing these two products.


I cannot vouch for other products in the market place for care & maintenance of truck graphics as I only researched ONR & OCW.


Next week we will schedule a demonstration truck wrap wash & wax at her company.


If the above research and findings have helped you out please let me know I helped you out.



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Thank you for your persistence and dedication, I trust this contract will be lucrative for you.


Most of my vehicles have graphics and wraps, though I did not do the research that you have done, I have used Optimum ONR, OID, Poly seal, Opti Seal, Opti-Coat, and OCW on them, with only the results we all expect from Optimum, perfection. SO combinimg your theoretical findings, and our practicle experience, Optimum once again is a winner.

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