Hi all from So-Cal


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Hello everybody from sunny (well, not so sunny today) Southern California. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Don of So Cal Detail Supply. My business partner Dann and I are Optimum distributors from the San Diego area. We have been using Optimum products almost exclusively for about a year now and we absolutely LOVE them! Feel free to ask any questions regarding product performance and we'd love to share our experiences with you. We'd also like to hear about any experiences that you have had using Optimum products as well. Cause that's what these forums are supposed to be about... Sharing... Right?


PS. This is the coolest smiley guy I've ever seen!



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Don Welcome.


You guys got the June Gloom going?


Dan is Big D's right?


"May gray/June gloom... It all looks the same around here lol. Even got an unusual bit of rain here yesterday. And yes, Dann is "Big D".

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