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I've gained a lot of information on Optimum products on this forum.

I want to apply Opti-Coat 2.0 on my cars (Mondeo and Golf) after machine polishing.

I've got a few questions:

1) After how many hours we can put 2nd layer of OC 2.0?

2) Are there any advantages of layering OC 2.0 besides the certainty that the we covered the whole car?

3) How many ml (cc) should be used on 2 layers of OC 2.0 as I want to coat 2 cars (including wheels and lights) from one 20 ml syringe?

4) I've read that the main goal of Opti-Seal is protection. As Opti-Coat 2.0 gives better protection that Opti-Seal what is the aim to top up OC with OS?

5) Which product (OS, OCW or OID) would give best results (I mean add extra slickness and gloss) as a top-up to OC?

6) I wash my car every 1-2 weeks with a foam lance, Autobrite Magi Foam and a pressure washer (besides winter whichs last about 4-5 months in my country). Is it OK for OC 2.0 and wouldn't contaminate the coating?

Thx in advance for reply.

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