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Before I bend plastic on my next purchase, I need some guidance in sorting through all the info contained in different threads regarding the mixing of product. What I am looking for is an ID that will provide some protection. I usually don’t get into making Franken-detailers, but many on this forum seem to have had good success mixing OPT products. So this is the info I’ve pulled off the threads (pun intended). I’ve deliberately left off concentrations to shorten the post.


1). ONR as a QD - can be used to remove “slight” dust and road dirt, not really intended to provide protection.

2). OID - offers great “gloss and slickness” while repelling dust, dirt, etc., and can last 1-2 weeks. Can also be sprayed onto damp panels just washed with ONR and wiped dry. I'm not sure if it adds protection.

3). OCW – not meant as a QD but might be used on “garage queens” for light dust and fingerprints. Best used after an ONR wash during the drying process or on a clean dry surface.

4).OID mixed with OCW – a “safe” cleaner with some added protection (this is the one I’m leaning towards).

5). OID mixed with ONR – a way to prevent streaking that some users get due to humidity or product overuse.

6). Or … forget most of the above, and just use the ONR QD mixture and wipe off. Then use OCW and wipe off.


So do I have my info right? I’m assuming none of these experiments ran off down the road and terrorized the local townsfolk. :)


I almost forgot, on the subject or bird bombs, and I'll post this here because the other posts are really dated. It was two days since I ONR + OCW'd my car and came out from work to find a small/medium sized bird bomb. The finish was so slick, that the bomb had beaded up, and I was able to literally flick it off with my finger. When I got home I did clean the area. Good products. :thumbsupup[1]:

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