Optimum Car Wash Dilution Ratios for AG/Gilmore Foam Gun?

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Could use some feedback on the dilution ratio for Optimum Car Wash used with my 1-Qt. Gilmore (actually, AutoGeek) foam gun. I know I have seen a thread pertaining to this, but can't seem to find it again via search.


Since the foam gun bottle isn't graduated (at least mine's not), how many ounces of Optimum Car Wash vs. water in the gun's bottle. On the AG site, there is some reference to their DP Xtreme Wash (2 oz. per 6-8 ozs. of water; then set foam gun on max. solution usage).


So, any dead-on experience with Optimum and the Gilmore gun (product to water ratios in the bottle AND rate setting on the gun itself)??


Would appreciate your specific experiences, ratio & settings. Thanks in advance.


See ya.

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