ONR polymer build up


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Hi guys I'm a new convert to rinseless wash and have been enjoying it so far one day I come accross this article




The polymer-based products will also tend to build up with several applications and this buildup may turn off color over time. The solution to this problem is to strip everything off and start again.


Is there any relevance to this article ? I think I may have spent too many times washing my car with ONR since I live in a tropical climate and is currenltly in the rainy season I am washing my car almost every day (when rain drops)...Having a black car I really despise dirty water spots build up in the bottom panels and with ONR being so easy to use I can't resist not using it


So am I being excessive ? Can I do more harm to my car than good ?


There are also highly advertised Teflon based products on the market. It is my understanding that it requires a 600 plus degree environment to bond Teflon to your paint. So, unless you are applying it with a flamethrower, you may not be getting all you paid for.


This seems to be a counter-advertising to OID..A product I've enjoyed so much using...Any truth to this ? Hope to get things clear up once and for all.. Thanks before

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