best apllciator to apply Poli-seal by hand?


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On Saturday I will be applying Poli-seal the bonnet of my car. I don't have a machine polisher so this will be done by hand. I read some of the posts on here with guidance on hand application if the poli-seal.


However 2 things I'd like some advice about:


1, is it best to apply using a micro-fiber applicator or a foam applicator?


2, what sort of motion would you recommend? thinking about a DA or rotary, it is effectively a circular movement, however when applying a sealant or wax, I tend to move the applicator in straight lines.






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I have always used a random orbital polisher with a foam polishing pad with Poli-Seal, but here's a link to a Poli-Seal application by hand.

Personal opinion, but I don't think the direction or motion of application or removal of a product is at all important. I just do what feels comfortable to me and my cars seem to turn out OK.


Follow the Poli-Seal with some Opti-Seal for a great combination. :thumbsupup[1]:

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