Cleaning/Polishing BMW Window Pillars


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I have a 99 528iT sports wagon. Would any of the OPT polishes be appropriate for use on black window pillars to remove the oxidized gray paint? I am not sure if the pillars are paint or plastic. I have Compound II and Finish Polish left in the garage. Also, what would be the best finish once the pillars are cleaned? I have OptiBond and a few non-OPT washes and sealants.


I also have what looks like some water spotting on the black luggage racks that I'd also like to remove. I can cover the spots up with OID but it washes off with rain. Suggestions.



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I'd try PS first...the chemical cleaners in Poliseal are the least aggressive. I would try that first, it may be all you need for oxidation. If you are trying to remove swirls, the Optimum polishes (polish 2 and finishing polish) are fine to use whether plastic or paint. For protection, I'd suggest treating them like paint instead of rubber/vinyl. Coat them with OS, OCW, or OptiCoat.


Thank you for the help. I don't have any Poliseal, but I do have Finish Polish and a couple of paint cleaners around. The pillars have 10 years of sun exposure so I was thinking that I might be able to clean them up, then seal them. The other plastic trim could use a little TLC as well. The PoliSeal might do both at once. The roof rack looks great with the OID on it but after washing some water spots show. I may have to spring for some PoliSeal. Thanks!

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