OPTIMUM ONR Really work? is it time to wax yet?


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When Shrek and Fiona come back from their honeymoon, they find an invitation to a royal ball with Fiona's parents to celebrate their marriage, an event Shrek is reluctant to participate in. Fiona talks him into it, and along with Donkey (voiced by Eddie Murphy), they travel to the kingdom of Far Far Away


so r we there yet?.....:groupwave[1]:


sign of a worn off wax...aka means no protection



pics of the worn off wax



totally worn off.....only lasted for 3 months....



there are patches of touch up paint, as I do not intent to repaint the paint & the joy of restoring her



many of my friends asked? how did u what u do?.....my helper


..my hero came rescuing me......ta da

DSC_1459.JPG....iron man 2


a bit more


pics borrowed from my lawyer buddy.....for illustration used on...as some think i am a hero...but i am not & will elaborate more



TESTING out some new stuff , just arrrived from states..the legendary Doc G...& optimum


some pics after slight rain....so happen & good to illustrate


here are the finish pics...(read on to see my whole process)....ONR wash, opti coat, O ....wax




on my 2 face


another milky way..far far away galaxy pics...on my 2nd ride

ONR wash, opti coat, O ....wax...effortless & simple amazing results





for rest of the write up pls check at here

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