Optimum Hyper Compound Spray - Incredible leveling power in a spray


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Could it be? A spray car polish? It is. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray is a fast cutting, zero dusting polish in a spray-on liquid form. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray contains a unique blend of proprietary polymers and dusting agents that will rapidly remove swirls and minor blemishes while producing brilliant gloss and clarity. There's nothing else like it!



We are very fortunate to be received this new Optimum Hyper Polish Spray & tested on a couple of cars...

Thanks Doc G for making this possible


Now is the time to review :- a post mortem


Scenario 1 - soft repainted surface (1 year old paint)

after proper wash & clay...the slightest microfibers wipes marred & scratches the paint


being one who is spoilt with SMAT technology compound & polish....comfortable compare to Abrasive diminish compound...crossing over to a SMAT & AD compound....is a hard transition


old dogs kick in

I reckon it would be good to use a least aggressive product such as M205 & Meguiars polishing pad


the paint condition as such




trying to get ride of this with m205




resulting.....my my my &^%$#@@


my my the amount of hologram inflicted on it & as though i am hacking the car




so i panic & relax & swapping over new Optimum Hyper Polish Spray...& Lake country cutting pad



later follow up with hyper polish & megs polish pad



ta da




easy to use, long working time, no residue, aggressive a SMAT & AD technology



spray nozzle a bit messy, prehaps it get congested in asia country easily, hard to remove from pads (LOL - lazy guys like us ...got use of cleaning with water only...but now need power clean


my conclusion....

thumbs up

its a superb product ....i crossed over, my conservation is brought over with this innovation of this product


Money for value, good for anybody from beginners or professional alike


the best of it, from the eye of a non detailer , my wife said among all the hundreds of car i shoot


she has not seen, anything as wet & depth like this




thanks Doc G

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