Hyper Polish/Poli-Seal/Opti-Seal/Car Wax


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Hello Dr. G,


I am wondering if the order of Hyper Polish/Poli-Seal/Opti-Seal/Car Wax is overkill. I am going to be working on two cars which sit outside 24/7. One has spider webs and the other has never seen anything other than a car wash (3 years old). I will be using a pc. Will clay both cars prior to polishing. For me, this is a major project as I am using a pc for the first time and have 2 cars to do before winter. I just want to make sure I am not doing to many steps.


From what I have read so far, it sounds like the Poli-Seal may be unnecessary. Yes/no?


Thank you

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Hyper polish cleans abrasively and Poli-seal uses chemical cleaners. I would us both, but you don't have to. After doing a test spot to see the results of Hyper Polish & how many passes you will need to make, I would us Poli-seal as I went to remove the residue from the polish and to provide a cleaner surface for the Opti-seal to bond to. If you use the Poli-Seal correctly (very thin), it will disappear almost completely into the paint and you won't have to wipe down...just apply the Opti-seal with a quality microfiber and kill two birds with one stone. Both Opti-Seal and the Spray Wax take less than 10 minutes to do, and you're done. The Poliseal won't add that much time if you just do all your correcting with Hyper Polish and use the Poli-seal like a wax, just spreading it with the PC (not much pressure & no need to do more than one complete pass).


Hope this helps,




Ok. That sounds good. The insight/experience in your response is greatly appreciated. I was not thinking how quickly the sealing will go after the correction process. As it is the claying will take the most time. I bought into the Optimum line for the obvious quality advantage and the ease of use. Since this is my first time using the products, I will experience what you guys already know.


Thank you,


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