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Hello Dr. G! I asked the same sort of thing in another part of the forum but I thought I'd ask you this and see what your professional opinion is. Thank you for taking the time to read my posting. I do apologize if I sound repetitive and for asking some dumb questions but I need some professional advice and help big time here. I am new to the detailing world.


I am very confused on what Optimum products to use and in what order I should use them in for the best results.


I also am very confused on what some of the products do. It seems some of the products do the same exaxt thing in less of a process or longer of a process before I'm finally done.


I have some swirl marks and scratches. on my car.

I want to get rid of them permanently, not just fill them in where they will show up again.

I want to clean up my paint.

I also want my car to be protected from the elements, repel water if possible, be very shiny and look its best all the time.


I will be using the Porter Cable 7424XP Car Buffer/Polisher with some Lake Country pads such as the orange, white, green, black and blue.


I understand the the way to properly wash my car and then use a clay bar so that isn't a issue. Afterwards is where I have issues.


I understand I have to use the Optimum Compound II to remove the scratches, holograms and swirl marks right after washing my car and clay baring it. Then after that process I'm lost on what to use next.


I see there are the following products I can use next which are...


- Optimum Polish II

- Optimum Finish

- Optimum Poli-Seal

- Optimum Car Wax


Which products out of those products would I use next and in what order would I use each product in?


Also out of those products listed, is there any products that already will be doing the job of another product? Basically, I don't want to do the same type of work twice.


If you can help me out I'd so much appreciate it.


Thank you! :beerchug[1]:

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