OCW + Hard Trim


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I really like the Optimum Products that I have used,(OCW, Tire Shine, and Poli Seal) and find that they do basically what I want them to do. That said I generally use OCW as a booster wax although it is reportedly more durable than that.

I recently read that several were using it on hard plastic trim and tried it on my daily driver. I find that it gives a different appearance to the grained plastic but I like the idea that it dries to the touch where Megs #38 or PB Trim Restorer stay somewhat greasy.

Has anyone found any detrimental effects from prolonged use on grained plastic or for that matter rubber trim?

I would appreciate any comments.

From what I understand Opti Seal may make this discussion useless as it apparently is very good on grained plastic/vinyl.

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I have not had any problems with trim and OCW.

I detailed a 02 BMW 7 yeasterday. The customer wanted the


side trim dyed. I used the AI trimdye. After it dryed I sealed it with the OS.

It did not give a gloss to the trim like some may think.

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