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I have had a vial for some time now, but did not spend time practicing with Opti-Coat until yesterday- I read through the forum's posts and that got me motivated.


I will get some pictures. I applied it to my wife's front wheel (driver's side) on her Honda Ody. van. I have a wheel cleaner that I really like and it always puts on a good shine, but after the! A relative walked out and said, "That wheel looks brand new!" I will wait about about 2 weeks and then rinse it down and film with video and compare the two sides.


Question: How long do you allow it to set up on wheels before wiping? I have applied it to a hood once before and you could see the rainbow effect, but the wheel was harder to "know" when it was ready.


I look forward to applying it to her car next.


Rob Regan

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