Optimum Coating Mini-Review and Pics


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After speaking with Dr. G. on several occasions regarding Opti-Coating, I decided to test it out on my own car. I can say that the reviews on this product are 100% accurate and this product is everything it is cracked up to be – and more! After using Opti-Coating on both light and dark colors I’ve decided that I really don’t have a need for any other wax or sealant. Nothing that I’ve used in the past even comes close to this product and I am thrilled with the results.


Below are some photos of my father’s truck which is a 2003 and has 140k miles. This was my first experience using the coating on a dark colored vehicle. The polishes used were Optimum’s Sprayable Hyper Polish and Menzerna PO85RD. The Hyper polish worked extremely well with LC’s Tangerine Hydro-Tech pads as well as with the standard white polishing pads. After that I cleaned the finish several times with IPA and applied the coating. After inspecting each panel several times during the process, I was able to achieve a perfect application with no smearing or high spots, and only 5-6 ccs were used to coat the entire truck (not including plastics). Please excuse the factory orange peel.















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